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Do others think you have everything but you still feel there is something missing? 

Do you know deep down that you are meant for more in this life? 

Are you wanting an amazing relationship instead of settling for lukewarm?

Are you ready to look inward and find unconditional abundant love? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, my coaching services may be a fit for you.

One On One Coaching 

With One on One Coaching, I invite you to Look With Me at what is holding you back from your heart's desires. What would it feel like to be free to step into your own exciting life of pure possibility. 


Whether you are in search of: 

  • discovering what that "but I know there's something more for me" feeling is all about

  • finding joy in getting up each and every morning because you know you are using your unique gifts 

  • having an amazing intimate love life with your partner 

  • finally enjoying a great relationship with your child/parent/sibling

Or whether you are just asking yourself "is true love is out there for me?"

Find out if One on One Coaching is right for you by scheduling a


Complimentary Discovery Session

through the contact form below.  


Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI)

As a Master Practitioner of the The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI), I will use the ELI along with a full Assessment and Debrief as a tool to gain awareness around how you are showing up in your own life. The ELI with Assessment and Debrief shines a light on important information about your perceptions and mindset that would normally take months of coaching to discover.

The ELI Assessment and Debrief then serves as a jumping off point to

empower you to release the stories that don't serve you and be free to consciously move forward with a specifically tailored coaching plan designed to fit the authentic you.  


Please click the link for complete details about The Energy Leadership™ Index .  

 For Packages & Prices

More Info: 


Please visit iPEC's website for additional details on how iPEC trained professional coaches use the Core Energy™ Coaching process and set themselves apart from traditional coaching.  



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