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A Letter To You About Me



Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Coach Lana and I LOVE coaching.


I love being a witness to those light bulb moments;


with a deep breath of inspiration 

and flush of joy 

when people finally see their own worth and know they deserve a joyful life now! 

Today I am full of gratitude and I sit in awe of life.


Today I embrace words like: 




Today I understand that unconditional love means love without conditions ...

But it wasn't always that way.


My story? 


Old Story:

High school class president. UConn Huskies Women’s Track and Field Captain. Physician in Family Medicine and On-Site Director’s Assistant in an internationally known fertility center. Always working; always aiming to be better ... Am I the perfect child yet?

Trauma survivor. Victim of broken promises. Preferring to live my personal life in isolation. Trust no one until they can prove themselves ... Will I be loved yet?


Old Inner Message: 

My value is what someone else says it is.

Ahhh but that still small voice. Something inside knows what’s True. I finally follow my heart.  


New Story: 

I am living an authentic life of love, joy, connection & intimacy!

I am inspired by people and I inspire people as a life & relationship transformation coach!


New Message:

(cue the deep inspired breath and flush of joy)


I am valuable as just I am right now!  


I embody beauty, love and light! 


I am free to shine! 


Did I say I LOVE coaching?!?

Life Coaching:

I love partnering with people as they discover the tools that help them co-create their own beautiful, fulfilling, joyful lives.


Relationship Coaching:

I believe the path to amazing relationships starts with first nurturing the 

relationship we have with ourselves and loving 

ourselves unconditionally.


Core Energy Coaching™:

I love the ELI Assessment  - a remarkable tool that shines a light on how we are showing up in the world. And best of all, this tool brings the awareness (or reminder) that we can consciously choose how we show up in every part of our lives!


What would our lives look like if we made more conscious, compassionate, inspired choices?!?


I invite you to join me for a Complimentary Discovery Session to learn if Look With Me Coaching services are a fit for you. 


Abundantly Yours! 


Coach Lana

Or for those who prefer credentials

Lana Williams, CPC, ELI-MP


(Certified Professional Coach) 


(Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner) 


Retired MD***

(Medical Doctor for 19 years, retired to pursue life coaching)


*** Look With Me LLC, Look With Me Coaching, and Coach Lana do not provide medical services or medical advice of any kind.


Letters From Happy People

Julia A ~

Lana flips a switch for people. It's brilliant. It's like a light switch that opens your eyes when the room feels dark and small.

Teah H ~


I have one word after having been personally coached by Lana:  Miraculous!


She intuitively coaches in such a beautiful, loving, gentle and accessible way... Possessing the unique ability and wisdom to know exactly what you need to hear to see something from a different perspective surrounding your challenges. It's almost magical!!! 


She is the expert for anyone wishing to take their relationship and life to a whole new level. If you're looking for transformation beyond what you ever imagined - call her right now! You'll be amazed!

Micheal K ~




Lana was able to take my ramblings, identify my patterns and formulate an action plan to improve my circumstance(s). Her style of facilitating our discussions uncovered some deep rooted issues.

She worked with me on how to deal with those deep rooted feelings by coming up with positive solutions for me to work on prior to each session.


Lana is excellent at finding the good out of any situation. She is compassionate and sensitive. She definitely exceeded my expectations!


Ashley K ~


I began working with Lana to deepen my connection with my husband.  While our relationship was really good, I knew it could be better.  Or more accurately, that I could be better within it. 


Through coaching with Lana I have been able to tease out obstacles that were affecting my ability to connect with him.  Both the expectations I hold and my need for validation came to the surface.  With Lana’s help I’ve been able to focus on eliminating expectations and generating my own validation, leading to a more intimate and satisfying partnership.


In our sessions we’ve touched on other relationships in my life as well and how I can break down self-imposed barriers and change the tenor of them, so that I feel lighter, more peaceful, and more fulfilled.


Lana’s greatest gift is her powerful intuition.  She has a way of hearing things I don’t consciously say and seeing things that I don’t see and then drilling straight down into them to help me expose my truth.  She is an irreplaceable asset in my life, and I will continue looking forward to our weekly sessions.

Nicole W ~

I worked with Lana as my coach for about three months and she is a truly amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone.


What I appreciated most about Lana's style of coaching was that she is deeply compassionate, kind hearted and nurturing yet she always knew how to bring the real conversation forward when I was stuck and never hesitated to stop me and bring me back to my purpose and goals. She was patient with me and yet always kept the action moving forward with follow up and accountability.


If you are looking to break through the emotional and deeply rooted blocks holding you back in life right now, whether that be in your relationships or at work, she is absolutely the partner you want on your side supporting you through that highly vulnerable and courageous journey.


I would work with her again in a heart beat.

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