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More Love?

More Joy?

Yes Please! 


What Are You Waiting For?


We all have a gift. We all have the same gift. 

We have the power to choose.

So why is it so many of us rarely choose to pause and 

make space and time for ourselves?


Why is it that we hesitate, instead of jump, at the opportunity to look inside and see what it is we truly desire?


What brings us joy?

What lights us up?

What makes our hearts sing?

Often it is because it can be scary to look at those dark places we've abandoned, neglected and ignored. We may hesitate because seeing what we really want can feel more like a painful longing if we are 

believing we'll never have it.


So we choose to continue to not look.

We choose to keep ignoring our inner voice and abandoning our own needs and desires.


We choose to keep coping, pushing through and settling with

less than we deserve.


Meanwhile, time passes and we're left behind feeling exhausted and depleted from always"giving on empty" and never making time for ourselves a priority. 


The worst part can be that we know we've been gifted this one life to live... but we're missing out on actually living it! 

This was true for me.

But I can tell you now that it doesn't have to be this way!


What if we actually dared to believe we can receive more?

More love?

More joy?


How dare we think we are deserving or even worthy of more?

Who do we think we are?... Right?!?

It turns out the brilliance is this: 


If we were only willing to pause and look ... and be open to seeing how lovable, capable, and worthy we really are...

Then something as simple as looking can shine a light of loving attention into those dark neglected places.

We begin to see there's so much to love!

A world of possibility is ours !


We can then discover the door to that joyful bright world has actually always been open to us!

And the next choice becomes


How willing am I to walk through that door

and have a full life of love and joy right now? 

The choice is yours!

What are you waiting for? 

I invite you to Look With Me™ at what may be holding you back from receiving more love, more joy or from living your brightest life now!

It would be my pleasure to partner with you in the fun of creating your own signature self-love formula and start living a life that you absolutely love!







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